Lucy and Vebjorn's DIY Wedding in the Malverns.

When you hear that you are going to be doing a wedding in a Village Hall - it can go one of two ways…and thankfully Lucy and Vebjorn’s wedding was a prime example of how to do it right! It was very much of a Do It Yourself wedding, with a lot of homemade and environmentally-friendly elements. and as you can see by these pictures, taken with the help of my, more than capable, second shooter on the day, Cath Prescott from Cath Prescott Photography the couple and their family absolutely nailed it!

The most Green element of the day was Lucy’s dress! A reused item from Oxfam - and for pure simplicity it couldn’t be beaten. Classic, simple, beautiful it was just perfect; a fantastic contrast to the Norwegian traditional clothes that Vebjorn and his family were dressed in.

Puddings for the wedding breakfast was another area where the DIY theme came to the fore - with guests invited to bring a pudding and place it on a table - be they Norwegian or British - the choice and taste was amazing!

Finally, and most obviously - the DIY nature was in the venue dressing. The couple married in St Wulstan’s Church in Malvern, and then they moved to a village hall near by which was decorated by the family - both families! Streamers, bunting, origami, balloons, more streamers, more bunting, flowers and plant hoops, the rather anonymous nature of the interior of the hall was transformed into a gorgeous festival theme which took your breath away when you walked in. Long tables branching from a small top table meant that everyone was mixed - Norwegians, British, family and friends were dotted about ensuring that people were able to chat and talk and mix freely.

The very best thing though was the way that the whole party joined together to ‘turn the room around’ for the evening Ceilidh band to have a dance floor. Normally, it takes a wedding venue a good hour or so to clear the tables, put them away and tidy up, but for Lucy and Vebjorn, everyone mucked in and the room was turned round in 10 minutes flat! Without question or query people cleared glasses, washed up, piled plates, emptied bins, stacked chairs, folded tables…and then the party began!

And what a party! A fabulous Ceilidh band took the party from easy dance steps through to more and more complicated dances which dissolved into a wonderful chaos full of fun and laughter and happiness, celebrating the very special day of Lucy and Vebjorn…