Belle Epoque Styled Shoot

Very recently, I had the chance to take part in a special ‘styled’ shoot with a lovely couple named Kate and Mark, at a very special location in Knutsford, Cheshire. Living in Shropshire it wasn’t far away at all and a couple of hours working with a great couple in a beautiful location was too much to pass up on and off I went!
If you don’t know it, Belle Époque is just an amazing wedding location right on the high street in Knutsford, which caters for small - medium sized weddings, and is known amongst wedding photographers as a notoriously dark location. The point of this shoot was to be reminded not to be afraid of such locations and situations, and we were given free reign to be as creative as possible - because when it comes down to it, when you are faced with difficult locations - the best thing to do is be as creative as you can. 
Sadly we only had a couple of hours to scout, talk and shoot before Kate and Mark had to leave, but that was plenty of time to be able to grab some beautiful shots of a fabulous couple in a brilliant location - and to remember not to be afraid of the dark!