Anwar and Urmy's Wedding, Birmingham

Well this was a different gig for this Shropshire Wedding Photographer! Anwar and Urmy were celebrating their Nikkah with what I am told is a Walimah feast at the Badshah Palace in Birmingham. 

WHAT A PLACE! WHAT A WEDDING! WHAT A FEAST! I had absolutely no idea what was going on, and to be honest it seemed like organised chaos, but hundreds of family and friends arrived at the most stunningly dressed venue I have ever seen.  Firstly there was bartering at the door before the groom was allowed in to make sure that the Meher was of the right amount and then there was an attack spray of silly string and fake snow to seal the deal! Then the groom entered and was displayed to the guests, and he waited for his bride to arrive.

And arrive she did! WOW! What a dress! Hand made in Pakistan it was just amazing...

Anyway, enough writing, you are here to see the pictures of Anwar and Urmy's very special day.