Sophi and Lee’s Spring Wedding in Rugby

It's a fact that there is someone for everyone, and when you see someone has found that one - it's just a beautiful thing to look at.  And Sophi and Lee are clearly meant to be together - love abounds between these two so much it makes you feel a bit funny. 

Hands held, backs stroked, kisses pecked. It's the little things that you see that prove it to be true. And it is my job as the photographer to make sure they are caught in as much detail as possible; something that I simply love doing.

But not everyone can have a lavish celebration. It's lovely to hire a castle to be married in. But sometimes life is hard and you have to work on a strict budget, and Sophi and Lee were definitely on a fixed budget, but that didn't mean that they scrimped on the most important thing - a photographer - and I was so please to be a part of their day - and to get a couple of presents (a lovely bottle of Single Malt and a big bottle of flumps) for my efforts!

Sophi and Lee had a beautiful ceremony, in front of their immediate family and most important friends in Rugby Registry Office and then moved on to a Social Club for their 'do'. They didn't let rubbish weather dampen their spirits - they just shrugged their shoulders and got on with enjoying their special day with the people most special to them - which is, after all what a wedding is about isn't it? Not trappings and things - just people, love and each other.

But! Enough with the words - you want to see pictures of Sophi and Lee's special day...