Hayley and Tom's Pre-Shoot at Haughmond Abbey, Shrewsbury.

So on perhaps the warmest windy day ever - a day in which I returned home from this shoot to find half the tree in my front garden had fallen down - I met up with Hayley and Tom for their wedding pre-shoot at the beautiful Haughmond Abbey, just outside Shrewsbury. Whilst it is managed by English Heritage, entrance is free and it’s a place that I am going to be using a lot for photographs. It’s quite simply gorgeous.

It was chosen by Hayley and Tom for their pre-shoot location because it is the place where Tom had proposed to Hayley…except back then it had been a bit of a rainy day and there was this big puddle and Tom hadn’t checked to see if the Abbey was open, and they were stuck in the car park by a huge puddle…But it didn’t put Tom off and he still went down on one knee and proposed…Bless him.

So, they get married in November, at the stunning Pim Hill Barn - a venue I can’t wait to shoot at…hell, it’s not just a venue I can’t wait to shoot at, I can’t wait for these two’s wedding, I have a feeling it’s going to be mega!

Anyway, pictures from today’s very windy pre-shoot…