Oliver and Juliane's Mega-Pre-Shoot by Ullswater, Lake District.

I love doing wedding pre-shoots. I love them ‘cos you learn so much about a couple from them. After probably a year of emails, phone calls, Skyping - it’s sometimes the first time I actually meet a couple. And I think it’s really important so that I can figure out how they are going to be in front of the camera, and they can figure out what I am going to be like behind the camera.

Some couples need coaxing, some relaxing, some need encouraging, some need to be left alone and they can just be themselves.

And sometimes you get a couple like Oliver and Juliane.


This couple were destined to be in front of a camera. To say that they are relaxed is a massive understatement - they are just…Naturals.

Juliane’s natural Brazilian passion for Oliver shone through and Oliver’s adoration of Juliane was there in spades - this couple have got it! And I can’t wait to photograph them in a couple of weeks again at their wedding at Askham Hall in the Lake District, Cumbria. It’s one of my favourite locations and they are the perfect Askham couple. I just know their day is going to go OFF!

Anyway…on with the show! Oliver and Juliane’s Pre-Shoot…