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Tom and Amy's Wedding Portrait Session at Crabwall Manor

One of the questions I always get asked, as a wedding photographer, by prospective couples looking to secure my services is the BIG ONE... 'What happens if you are ill on the day?'

I always respond that it would take a major illness for me not to be able to cover the wedding - and by major I mean serious illness - not just man-flu - or a hospital stay for me to stay away, but I do also say that I am a member of several Facebook groups for photographers who will always cover for each other at short notice.  You see the days of the cut throat business practices are going and people help each other nowadays, so that other reputable photographers benefit from each other, and the reputation of our industry - which can come into question quite often in the news headlines - is not damaged.

And the other day, I received a call from a friend who was working at Crabwall Manor Hotel, near to Chester. He had been photographing the ceremony and his knee had locked up and he was in agony and doubtful if he would be able to go on any further. 

Of course I put my gear into the car and sped forth to help him and his wife out. She was videoing the wedding, but had started to take photos with one camera and video of the speeches with the other, whilst he was propped up leaning on a window-sill shooting the speakers at the top table. 

I arrived just in time for the end of the speeches and for the meal to begin meaning we had time to talk. The photographers had covered the main part of the day - and had fortunately done the few group shots there were earlier, meaning there was really only the portrait session and the first dance to go...He was struggling to move...and the doing the portrait session alone would be tricky when there was video AND photos to be done. I was to help out and give a hand during the portraits but they would be able to cover the first dance themselves. 

Of course I could help! It's what we are here for. To help. We have to help others in the business, be they injured or be they just after a bit of advice - it's what makes the world better and makes us all better for it...But most of all, it means that the happy couple do not have any issues on the day. They have enough to worry about...we are there to make their lives better and easier...and I hope that day we did!

And here are my images from the portrait session of Amy and Tom at Chester's Crabwall Manor Hotel...