Nick and Claire's Perfect day at Broadoaks Country House, Cumbria

Sometimes, everything just goes perfectly. Yeah, there has been planning and a lot of work behind the scenes, but sometimes at a wedding, it all just runs perfectly from start to finish...and that is what happened for Nick and Claire for their wedding day recently.  A perfect day.

I had been hired by Cath and Pete from CPD Film to supplement their own cameras and act as what is called a second shooter. Cath was there to film the wedding on video, whilst Pete was the first shooter photographer. My job was to cover Nick and his groomsmen getting ready and then to act as an additional camera shooting the rest of the day to get more shots from different angles and to help organise any difficult or set up shots. 

And who could turn down the opportunity for a gloriously sunny day - with a perfect service outside in the early Cumbria summer weather - to take photos of such a great couple and their fabulous guests. Certainly not this Shropshire wedding photographer!

Having a second shooter at your wedding brings you more professional cameras, more ideas, more angles and a lot more flexibility to the day. The photographic tasks can be shared and it makes for a less stressful day for your photographer, as he has a chum there to help him organise and set things up - it's someone else to hold a reflector or a flash, and it's always good to get a couple of different angles on events. Most photographers can supply a second shooter without any issues, and the price of a second for a day is often really reasonable, particularly if you want both the bride and groom's getting ready photographed. 

I only charge £150 for a second shooter - which is very little to pay for an extra person there to help capture the whole of you and your friends and family enjoying your wedding day. But enough of the sales pitch, you are really here to see the photos of Nick and Claire's perfect day...